The NVMe revolution – how we deployed NVMe as a storage solution to optimize performance and overheads (UPDATED)

Uptime and performance is what customers care most about when searching for a reliable web hosting provider.

How to Manage your Hard Drive Space in cPanel using command line

If you own a VPS account with root access and you choose to manage it yourself, you must learn or have some understanding of how to use command line.

How to change your Theme Name in a Joomla Site

In this tutorial, we will be explaining how you can change your Joomla Theme name.

You can acomplish that in two ways:
Option 1 - Changing it through the admin dashboard - Usually longer than Option 2.

cPanel option restored for VPS’s and dedicated servers. A new pricing scheme in place

After cPanel switched from a per-server to a per-account license model, the web hosting industry needed some time to recover from the shock and find the strength to move on.

The 1-click Web Apps Installers now with more new installs

Two of the value-added ingredients of the Web Hosting Control Panel – the 1-click Web Apps Installer and the Frameworks Installer, have undergone a major update to their existing listings.

NVMe SSDs—The Unleashed Power of Flash Storage

In recent years, flash-based SSDs storage have been making it to the primary computer market, thanks to the blazing fast speeds it offers.