How to change your Theme Name in a Joomla Site

In this tutorial, we will be explaining how you can change your Joomla Theme name.

You can acomplish that in two ways:
Option 1 - Changing it through the admin dashboard - Usually longer than Option 2.

cPanel option restored for VPS’s and dedicated servers. A new pricing scheme in place

After cPanel switched from a per-server to a per-account license model, the web hosting industry needed some time to recover from the shock and find the strength to move on.

The 1-click Web Apps Installers now with more new installs

Two of the value-added ingredients of the Web Hosting Control Panel – the 1-click Web Apps Installer and the Frameworks Installer, have undergone a major update to their existing listings.

5 Passive Income Ideas You can use to make money online

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How do I change the URL of a WordPress Website

Steps to follow:

How to change the URL of a Joomla Website

Very often, we are contacted by clients who ask us to change their old URL to a new one in their Joomla sites.

In this article I am explaining how you can do just that the best way possible in a few steps.