An inseparable element of our Linux hosting service platform is our custom Online Control Panel. It is the only Online Control Panel you have to sign on to in order to manage your online presence, which removes the dependency on any additional panels. You can easily manage your websites, your domains and your billing transactions from one place.

Our Online Control Panel is intended to make it easier for you to administer your site. It is simple to browse through and you can easily go from one section to another irrespective of where you’re. All the tools that we have designed are intuitive and simple to use, so there is no real learning curve. And we have integrated many other charge–free tools that will help you with any task – from accelerating and customizing your current web sites to setting up brand new sites.

Domain Name Manager

Administer everything from a single location

The Domain Name Manager is the only place you have to go to in order to manage your domains. With only a few clicks of the mouse, you can forward or park domains, change WHOIS data or update DNS settings.

And the best part is that, when you are ready, you can instantly start working on your website – you can add new files, create databases or install software programs. All due to the fact that all the tools are located in one Online Control Panel.

File Manager

Web file management in the digital era

Web file managers have been around for a long time. However, they are clunky, slow, difficult to work with and feature-poor. We have changed that. Our File Manager acts much more like a desktop file manager than a standard web file manager. You can upload files by dragging & dropping them, or move files and folders around. You can employ our inbuilt code editors and preview photos. You can pack/unpack files or folders directly online.

And everything is done with just a click.

Email Accounts Manager

Email management is easy with us

When you run a site, you need to also administer all the email mailbox accounts associated with it. And while creating e–mails is really easy, managing the respective email mailboxes can be problematic. You may need to cope with junk e–mails, to set up email filters, to worry about security issues, etc.

With our Email Accounts Manager, you’ll realize that administering e–mail accounts is not tough at all. You’ll have fast access to all important functions (you can redirect email messages, set up mail filters, order e–mail spam protection, etc.) and you can administer multiple mailbox accounts at once.

Marketing Tools

Market your websites via a simple–to–use interface

To help you better market your web site to clients and get a better search engine ranking, we’ve designed a collection of free online marketing tools, which come with our Online Control Panel – a Sitemap Generator, an RSS News module and a GeoIP redirection tool.

Each of these tools has been designed by us with one single goal in mind – to offer you all–round functionality, wrapped in a user interface that can be easily used by everybody.

Site Accelerators

Better search engine rankings for your sites

In our Online Control Panel you’ll find a selection of tools dedicated to making your web site work better and open faster – our Site Accelerators. With Node.js, Memcached and Varnish, you can boost the loading speed of your web site by tenfold, without investing too much time in optimizing your code.

And with your site running faster than ever, you’ll not simply enhance the on–site experience of your website visitors, you’ll also get better search engine visibility.

Online Stats Manager

Up–to–the–minute info on your website visitors in your Online Control Panel

Being aware of how users interact with their web site is vital for any webmaster. With the Online Stats Manager in the Online Control Panel, you will get real–time statistics about everything that your visitors do on your web site from the very moment it is put online, with no configuration required on your part.

At any given moment, you can check out precisely how many people have opened your web site and the average time they have spent on it. You can also view unique and return visits, page impressions, most–browsed pages, most frequently used search phrases, entry and exit pages, and a lot more.

A Complimentary Site Building Tool

Launch your very own site now. Select your preferred design with one single mouse click.

Using the Complimentary Site Building Tool located inside our Online Control Panel, you’ll be able to quickly build custom web sites without needing to insert one single line of CSS, HTML or PHP code. Everything is done by means of a simple–to–use WYSIWYG (What–You–See–Is–What–You–Get) editor.

Our Complimentary Site Building Tool offers 100+ unique design templates available in different color combinations, which you can personalize according to your own taste.

A selection of over 40 different web apps to install

Install your desired application with a single mouse click

In the Online Control Panel we have integrated a tool, which will permit you to install 40+ popular software apps with no configuration required – our Web Applications Installer. You can swiftly install Joomla™, WordPress, Mambo, Moodle and many other software applications without having to proceed through complex installation procedures and to manually create a database. We’ll handle everything instead of you, so your app will be live in less than 5 minutes.

And we keep a log file of what you have installed, along with the user name and the password that were initially inserted. This way, you don’t need to worry about forgetting your login password.