Linux Hosting Service Datacenters

We’ve been employing a group of Datacenters located on a couple of continents.

We have now assembled our personal hosting platform for your ever–demanding web sites and applications. It was actually designed to keep apps, email messages and databases using a few machines instead of just 1, so that you never get influenced by server load issues!

We have got created a new method for doing appointed maintenances in order to eliminate ensuing downtimes. What is more, we’ve got increased our network bandwidth to 10 Gbps, which means better server connectivity and therefore superior rates for your personal websites.

An Innovative Hosting Platform

We’ve assembled a completely resourceful, genuine Linux hosting service platform that’s actually user friendly and simple to regulate. It’s assembled on top of a highly customized version of SELinux, a security–enhanced version of Linux.

In this way, we’ve essentially minimized the risk of our platform being contaminated by a virus and other malware to absolutely none. And, additionally, everything operates on a top–notch hardware setup, developed with tested & well–performing hardware elements in order to limit the likelihood of a hardware malfunction.

US Data Center
Steadfast, Chicago, IL

Ideal for Visitors from the USA, Canada or Latin America.

If your personal or corporate website is aimed toward customers who are located in the United States of America, Canada or Latin America, we advise that you choose’s American data center. Physically located in the downtown area of Chicago, it is one of the best known data centers in North America!

The facility is located in a very stable area, which in turn minimizes the risk of network down times resulting from tornadoes, earthquakes or other natural disasters. It’s been designed to serve telecommunications service providers and hence offers complete redundancy in power supply systems, network connectivity and security.

In the US Data-center, we offer a variety of hosting services for you to select from - cloud hosting service, VPS service, Linux semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers. And you can effortlessly switch from one hosting solution to another!

UK Data Center
Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK

The Pulsant datacenter in Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Lightning–fast Website Loading Speeds for Customers from Europe.

For all UK hosting demands, we now have established a cooperation to one of the renowned UK datacenters – Pulsant. It is found in Maidenhead, a few miles outside of the London Metropolis. Which means that it gives lower prices when compared with London–based datacenters, however, the exact same level of connectivity!

This means if your web site is targeted at Great Britain, Europe or Africa, our UK datacenter is the ideal choice for you. All of your clients will be fascinated with the faster site loading rates and will have a tremendously greater browsing experience. Additionally, as you are going to be literally closer to them, you’ll also rank considerably better on search engine listings for local searches.

Our company offers the following web hosting solutions in our UK datacenter – Cloud hosting service, VPS Service and semi-dedicated servers.

AU Data Center
Amaze, Sydney, AU

The Best Loading Speeds for Your Sites in Australia and Oceania is using the services of 1 of the best–connected datacenters in Australia – Amaze, located in the business area of Sydney. It really is the most impressive datacenters within the Southern Hemisphere and so, it always provides you with perfect website hosting conditions for your personal or business sites and web applications.

As a result of locating your web sites in Australia, you will guarantee the quickest feasible website streaming speeds for your customers within the area. Almost all servers inside the AU datacenter have been designed with world–class hardware components so as to guarantee your site will open as quickly as possible. And, your able to use’s set of advanced web accelerator programs to even further improve your web site’s loading rate even more.

In the AU datacenter you’ll be able to host all kinds of websites and apps. Our company offers Cloud hosting service for your ordinary personal page, blog or small business web site, to OpenVZ VPS servers for your personal traffic–hungry company sites and semi-dedicated servers.

BG Data Center
Telepoint, Sofia, BG

Bulgaria Data Center

Lightning–fast Website Loading Speeds for Customers from Eastern Europe

If you are searching to expand your market into the fast-growing market in Eastern Europe, we have just the alternative to suit your needs - our Eastern European datacenter, located in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. Located at a crossroad of both regional and global Internet providers, our Eastern European datacenter gives you superb connectivity options with all the countries in the region, like: Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Armenia, etcetera.

By hosting your website there, not only will you enhance site loading rates for regional clients, you will also deliver a better browsing experience compared to if your site was hosted in the US. In addition, Google sees in case a web site is based close to the target website visitors and rewards it with better search engine ranking positions for local searches.

FI Data Center
Ficolo/Pori, FI

The Ficolo data center in Pori, Finland

If you'd like to host your site in a location that is intended to resist aerial attack, EMP attacks and all sorts of disasters, then our Finnish data center is a great option for you. Situated in a former underground military facility, it'll warrant top safety for all of your web sites.

Furthermore, thanks to its location, this data center offers incredible online connectivity with Russia, Northern and Central Europe, along with the rest of the world. If you want your websites to entice more clients from these countries, the Finnish data center is a great selection.

Moreover, by hosting your web site here, you'll get a virtually instant speed boost - all of our hosting servers feature SSD drives offering much faster read/write speeds as opposed to typical HDD drives. Also, it is possible to make use of our variety of web site accelerators to further raise the working speed of the sites and apps.