Easy to get SSL Certificates

The best method to secure your e–commerce portal is to enable an SSL certificate for your domain name. The SSL certificate will attach ’https://’ to your domain and will inform your potential clients that your web-site, or web-shop is good enough for safe web browsing or to purchase from.

Commonly, installing an SSL Certificates on your site is associated with a lot of configuration steps and extended authorization operations.

We have done our best to streamline the setup procedure as much as possible. There won’t be any need for you to add a ton of information and to wait around for years for an authority to give the green light to your request. All you have to do is choose the site for which you’d like your SSL to be installed.

Then your SSL certificate will be installed and configured automatically and will begin working almost instantaneously. And that’s all.

Manage all settings from just one location

One of the very best characteristics of our Online Control Panel is that it will address all your web hosting requirements. You don’t need any billing software apps or extra login pages. You can do all the work from a single place.

The same is valid for SSL Certificates. You can get them straight from within the Online Control Panel without needing to resort to any third–party vendors. And when your SSL certificate has been generated, it’ll be also available in your Online Control Panel – you won’t have to hunt for .ca files or to upload them to another admin panel.

24x7 support service

We have attempted to simplify the SSL certificate setup procedure as much as possible. Nevertheless, in the event that you stumble upon a problem setting up or configuring your certificate, you can contact us for support 24x7x365.

We, at uGottaHost.com, offer both the hosting service and the SSL setup service and we’ve got a team of highly accomplished technicians who will be available to you night and day to answer all your enquiries and to find the best possible solution.

Our 24x7 support team is on duty 24/7. We, at uGottaHost.com, offer a one–hour support ticket response guarantee and the average response time is less than twenty minutes!

Grab Wildcard SSL Certificate from your CPanel

The easiest way to add the web’s most trusted security layer to your website is having an SSL certificate installed.

With an SSL Certificate, you can protect different delicate web pages (a signup page, a login page, etc.) or even the whole website itself. With all our hosting plans, you can have an SSL Certificate installed on your web site in a matter of minutes at a really good price.

Apart from the ordinary SSL Certificates, you can also get a Wildcard SSL certificate. A Wildcard SSL Certificate could be set up on different host names all at once. This is extremely convenient if you need to safeguard multiple web sites all at once.

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