Web Hosting Control Panel

The uGottaHost.com Website Control Panel is our vision of how website management ought to be done. It’s a place from which you can manage all aspects of your Internet presence without needing to use any other billing or domain name management interfaces. With the uGottaHost.com Website Control Panel, you’ll be able to administer your domain names, your websites and your billing transactions from one location.

Our Website Control Panel is built to work exclusively with our own cloud hosting services platform. This permits it to be much faster and a lot more secure than any other Website Control Panel. Once inside, you’ll find all the tools that you need to manage your website and lots of cost-free bonuses that can help you further enhance your existing web site or swiftly kickstart a new one.

Get Enterprise Plan with a 30-Day Free Trial!

An all–inclusive option for one’s busy sites, large company portals and web–stores for just $11.75 a month!

E Mail Manager

Handling email boxes can be very easy and simple

Working with e–mails is easy. However, managing e–mailboxes can be problematic. This is where our E Mail Manager comes to help. It permits you not only to quickly create new and modify active email box accounts, but to also easily forward email messages, to set up email filters, to enable unsolicited bulk email protection, etc., through an easy–to–navigate interface.

And if you use an e–mail client, you can employ our autoconfig scripts for the most popular mail clients for Windows and Linux. All you have to do is download a configuration file and your e–mail client will momentarily set up your new mail account.

Domain Name Manager

Administer everything from one location

The Domain Name Manager is the only place you have to visit in order to manage your domains. With just a few clicks, you can forward or park domains, change WHOIS records or modify DNS records.

And the best part is that, when you are done, you can instantaneously start working on your site – you can add new files, create databases or install web apps. All thanks to the fact that all the tools are located in one Website Control Panel.

A selection of 40+ different web apps to install

Install your desired web application with one single mouse click

In the Website Control Panel we have added a tool, which will allow you to install more than 40 popular web applications with zero configuration needed – our Free Web Applications.

You can swiftly install WordPress, Moodle, Joomla, Mambo and many other software apps without the need to go through elaborate installation procedures and to manually create a database. We will handle everything for you, so your software app will be live in no more than five minutes.

And we keep a log file of what you have installed, plus the user name and the password that were initially submitted. This way, you won’t have to worry about forgetting your login password.

Dropbox backups

Send data backups to your Dropbox account automatically

If you have a Dropbox account, you are already aware of how useful their service is. Now you can connect your Website Control Panel with your Dropbox account and take full advantage of your Dropbox remote data backup space. With one single click, you can back up your site and your databases, which will be saved in your Dropbox account.

And even if you create a Dropbox backup, we will also continue to back up your content on our servers on a regular basis.

File Manager

File management in the digital age

Web file managers have been in existence for a long time. Yet, they’re inconvenient, sluggish, difficult to use and lacking in features. We have changed that. Our File Manager acts much more like a desktop file manager than a standard web file manager.

You can upload files by dragging & dropping them, or move files and directories from one place to another. You can employ our built–in code editors and preview images. You can archive ’n’ unarchive files or folders directly online.

And everything’s done with just a mouse click.

VPN Access

Connect to the World Wide Web securely

With our VPN access option, you will be able to safely browse different web pages without leaving any digital footprint that can be traced back to you. We will provide you with all the details that you require to establish a connection to one of our VPN servers situated around the globe.

You can gain VPN access on any web–connected device, be that your home PC, mobile phone, netbook, etc. There is no limit as to the number of connected devices and no need to validate each new device.

Marketing Tools

Various tools to swiftly popularize your websites

Our Website Control Panel offers a collection of in–house developed marketing tools, which can help you boost the reputation of your websites. You’ll have a Sitemap Generator for bots and visitors to easily scan your web sites, an RSS News tool to publish fresh content on your home page and a GeoIP forwarding tool to match web site visitors’ physical location with their preferred language.

All these marketing tools have been created by us. They offer all the functionalities you’d expect to see and at the same time are very easy to work with. Try them and see for yourself.

Statistics Manager

Be thoroughly informed on your web site statistics without 3rd–party applications

Usually, to find out what is happening with your website visitors, you have to create an account with a 3rd–party company, to obtain tracking code from them, to add it on each single page on your website and to wait for the stats themselves. With our Statistics Manager, all you need to do is get your web site online.

We’ll take care of all the stats automatically for you, without you needing to modify anything on your end. At any moment, you’ll be able to discover precisely how many people have looked up your site recently and how much time they’ve spent on it. In addition, you will obtain access to real–time stats about the most–browsed pages, the pages on which your visitors land when coming to your website, the pages from which they exit your web site and more.